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Pink colored carnations can be given to sisters or best friends as you are very fond of them and never really say them how much you appreciate them. Don’t say a words and use these flowers to talk with that person.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 8 Pink Carnations with fillers in pink paper packing and pink ribbon

Pink and white roses have come together here to make the presentation of love charming, elegant, and peaceful. Your sweetheart would definitely love this classic flower arrangement.

Gift Contents :
Hand Bunch of 18 pink roses, 12 white roses with green flowers in pink paper packing and pink ribbon

Red rose means expression of truest, deepest, and craziest love. For someone whom you love with zeal and passion, you must get this flower bouquet and let that person be happy always.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 40 Red Roses in a Red paper packing with red ribbon.

Carnations, rose, and lilies have come together to produce an impeccably beautiful bouquet of flower that oozes out love, romance, elegance, passion, care, and madness out loud. For the mad lover of yours this seems to be the perfect love gift.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 20 Mix flowers (10 pink carnations, 8 pink roses, 2 white lilies) with green fillers in pink paper packing and pink ribbon

If someone looks pretty in pink gift them these adorable bunch of pink roses which are tenderly tied with pink ribbon to make them classic gifts to be given on any given occasion.

Gift Contents :
One sided Bunch of 24 Pink Roses in cream color paper packing with pink ribbon bow.

Flowers know language of love deeper than you can ever imagine. Red carnations resemble love, fascination, and distinction. When you want to let the other person know that he/she is a unique one, you must have this bouquet with you.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 Red Carnations with fillers in red paper packing and red ribbon

White is the color of peace, calmness, innocence, and cleanliness. Take this bouquet of white roses for someone who you think has all these qualities. To make this person feel special you must do this.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 White Carnations with fillers in white paper packing and white ribbon

Rose is perfectly called the epitome of love because of its simple beauty and elegance. When you present this combination of red, yellow, and white roses, your sweetheart would be smile brightly for sure.

Gift Contents :
One Sided A nice bouquet of 9 Red, 7 Yellow and 6 White Roses with dual Red Paper packing and White ribbon.

Lilies and carnations are brought together by our thoughtful florist whose only motive is to spread more love and joy in your life. Get this bouquet for your lover and have a great time together.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 6 yellow asiatic lilies and 10 dual shades orange carnations with green fillers in green jute packing and orange ribbon

A wonderful and perfect presentation of flower is achieved in this bouquet of purple orchids, white fillers, and pink and white wrapping paper. Effervescent is the right word to describe this gift.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 15 Purple Orchids with white fillers in 2 layer paper packing of pink and white and white ribbon

Asiatic lilies are one of the most beautiful flowers of the world and here eight of them are tied together to give ultimate bliss to your sweetheart. Get this as a gift and mesmerize your lover.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 8 colorful asiatic lilies (3 yellow, 3 orange, 2 white) with green fillers in yellow paper packing and yellow ribbon

The bouquet of pure white carnations remain for the purest soul. Also if you want to resurrect the lost friendship this is the perfect flower for you.

Gift Contents :
12 White Carnations, White Paper Packing, White Ribbon

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