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    Lucky Bamboo Plants - Gift Your Loved Ones This Valuable Feng Shui Tool

    Studies have found that placing indoor plants can purify the air and bring positivity around us. One such indoor houseplant is the Lucky Bamboo plant. This easy-to-care indoor plant can be seen planted inside houses and business places as according to Feng Shui, it attracts happiness, prosperity, and better health.

    It can be a perfect gift to your near and dear ones as it requires less management. If you are planning to gift these plants to your friends and family, then shop online from our wide range of Lucky Bamboo plants collection.

    For any special occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, Lucky Bamboo plants holds to be the best suitable gift that brings joy and luck in your loved one’s life along with warm festive wishes. You can also use them to accessorize your house with some greenery and prosperity. But who has the time in this hectic schedule to choose the best plant from their local garden store or nursery?

    Worry not, as we at Insity commits to provide you the best quality indoor plant placed in decorative pots without any hassle. Shop from the vast range of Lucky Bamboo plants online from our portal and get it delivered to your doorstep without any delay.

    How Lucky Bamboo plants bring luck?

    Feng shui explains clearly explains how one receives luck and fortune through Lucky Bamboo plant. Being hollow from inside, this structure helps the Chi energy to flow from within to the world outside. This, in turn, calms our mind and generates more abundance and prosperity in our lives.

    The Lucky Bamboo plant has five elements of life- Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal. Wood element being the stalk of the bamboo plant, Water element is the sphere of water in which the plant grows, Earth element is formed by the rock, pebbles, stones present in the vase, Fire element comes from the red ribbon tied to the stalks and lastly the Metal element is represented by the coin placed at the bottom of the container.

    The significance behind the number of stalks in a Lucky Bamboo plant

    You may have seen that the stalks of these Lucky Bamboo plants are always bunched together. Have you ever wondered the reason behind bunching them? According to the feng shui, bunching these stalks together enhances the positive energy generating ability of this houseplant.

    Also, the number of stalks in a bamboo plant signifies different meanings. A single stalk or log represents truth or commitment and is most popular among business people. A two stalk bamboo plant is generally gifted to lovers as according to Chinese beliefs 2 represents love. A three stalk bamboo plant is the most common one and it signifies happiness and prosperity. It could be a perfect gift to wish someone for their new beginnings.

    A four stalk bamboo plant symbolizes death and as per the Chinese beliefs, it is considered a bad omen. A five stalk bamboo plant enriches the five departments of life-emotions, intuition, mental, spiritual and physical. The six and seven stalk bamboo plant signifies luck, prosperity, good health and wealth.

    An eight stalk bamboo plant represents growth. So gift good luck bamboo plant with eight stalks to expecting or infertile couples. A nine and ten stalk bamboo plant symbolizes fortune and happiness. A twenty-one stalk plant signifies a tremendous abundance of health and wealth and is considered the most powerful bamboo plant of all.

    Best placement of Lucky Bamboo plant

    To attract positive energy, one should keep in mind to place the lucky bamboo plant according to Feng Shui. There are two vital areas for the proper placement of this indoor plant. You can locate a place for it either at the east which said to attract good health or at the South-East direction that brings wealth and prosperity to your family.

    Lucky Bamboo
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