ITC launched the 'Candyman' range of confectioneries in August 2002. Led by the 'Candyman Fruitee Fun' range of assorted fruit flavours ('Wild Banana', 'Pineapple Punch', 'Orange Josh' and 'Mango Delite'). The coffee toffee segment also saw the successful launch of 'Candyman Cofitino' in November 2005. The brand was further strengthened with the launch of 'Candyman Natkhat Mango' and 'Candyman Maha Mango'.

Candyman Choco Double eclairs launched in 2007 further extended the successful trend of the brand. Choco Double eclairs has choco on the outside and inside expected to delight your senses.In line with the strategy to provide innovative flavours and formats to consumers Candyman Lacto Creme Centre was launched in June 2008 and Candyman Toffichoo Strawberry in early 2009. Candyman Lacto Creme Center is the only Lacto with a yummy cream filled Center, and Candyman Toffichoo is a luscious fruit flavored soft and chewy toffee. The newest launch to the portfolio in 2013 is Candyman Crème Lacto with a crunchy Caramel shell filled with rich crème center to take the consumer on a rider FULL of CRÈME. FULL of FUN.