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Easter Chocolates

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Long before Easter, the Easter egg and the chocolate bunny became the norm, there were festivals held during the Spring Equinox to celebrate spring, the start of a new season and fertility. The egg was considered a symbol of fertility as was the rabbit. Then Easter came on the calendar, and eventually, chocolate was added to the mix. Easter bunnies were made out of chocolate, bunnies being the most potent symbol of fertility of the pagans, as were Easter eggs.

Easter is now a full on chocolate fest around the world to celebrate rebirth. Nothing important can be celebrated without chocolate. Not even spring and rebirth! The first chocolate Easter egg was made in Europe in the 19th century. The first Cadbury Easter Egg was made in 1975 and was made of dark chocolate. Today, chocolate Easter eggs are generally of milk chocolate.
Insity, this Easter, has chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies in store for you. Be it for Easter egg rolling competitions, or similar games, or for gifting it to your loved ones, or for decorating your home with them, or simply, for you to indulge in them, our collection will leave you happy and festive. Place your order from the comfort of your home and make your loved one's day.