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    5 tips for cake delivery
    (0) 5 tips for cake delivery

    You are doing an amazing job as a baker but it wouldn't make sense to bake a cake if you are not able to deliver it on time, without any destruction caused to the cake or anything from the packaging. These are the rules you should follow while doing cake delivery

    1. Charge for the cake delivery


    10 Care Tips for Flower Bouquet!
    (0) 10 Care Tips for Flower Bouquet!
    10 care tips to keep your flowers bouquet looking fresh and beautiful for a long period of time! Keep your flowers in full bloom and looking fresh for more than week on your office desk or home.
    Cocoa and Chocolate Market
    (0) Cocoa and Chocolate Market

    Cocoa and Chocolate Market to Reach US$ 67.22 Bn, Cadbury’s Healthy Chocolate Bar Intended to Gain Competitive Advantage

    Mango Cakes
    (0) Mango Cakes
    Though used in many dishes, one of the things that taste best with mango flavour in it are Mango Cakes. These mango cakes are generally available when fresh mangoes are available in the market and are made from fresh succulent & ripe mangoes.
    (0) Top 5 Gifts on this Father’s Day for your Dad
    Do not worry we at Insity are presenting below top 5 gifts from our collection that you can safely give to your dad and say a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ on 16th June.
    (1) Gifts on Father’s Day
    Father’s day is just around the corner and while there is no specific day on which you should show your love for your dad, it is certainly one day that you have to do something special for your big man.....
    (0) Chocolates in India

    The Indian chocolate industry has been valued at INR 58 billion and is estimated to be worth INR 122 billion by 2019, growing at the rate of almost 16 percent a year. Milk chocolate is the most favored chocolate among Indians and factors in about 75 percent of the total chocolate sales in India. Cur...

    (0) Chocolates

    Chocolates, in its most basic form, was first developed by the Maya and the Aztecs. Chocolate lovers will forever be grateful, if not actually worship, the Aztec genius who first crushed fermented cacao seeds, randomly added water and chili to it, and tasted it only to discover he’d struck gold – wh...