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    Images of Fantastic Jade Terrarium

    Fantastic Jade Terrarium

    Product Details:
    - Jade Plant in a Round Glass Vase (Diameter 6 Inches)
    Images of Personalised Magic Mirror LED

    Personalised Magic Mirror LED

    Product Details:

    • One Personalised Magic Mirror
    • Colour - White
    • Material - ABS & Lens
    • Dimensions - 20 x 25 cms
    • A mirror till the LED is switched on making it a customised Photo Frame with your Photo in place of mirror
    • For Personalisation, please provide with 1 image.
    Images of Personalized LED Cushion Yellow

    Personalized LED Cushion Yellow

    Personalised cushion with your photograph printed on the cushion cover, cushion is recron filled and comes with a yellow LED inside it which can be switched on. Send us a good quality photograph to be printed on the customised LED pillow by uploading a photo below.

    Product Features:
    • - Personalized Cushion Cover with Yellow LED Light
    • - Canvas Poly Duck Material
    • - Recron Filled Cushion
    • - Dimensions (L x W) - 10-11 inches
    ₹669.00 ₹599.00
    Images of Yellow LED Personalised Love Cushion

    Yellow LED Personalised Love Cushion

    Product Details:

    • Personalised LED Cushion with Yellow Light
    • Material - Canvas Poly Duck
    • Recron Filled Cushion
    • Dimensions (L x W) - 10 x 11 inches
    • Confess your eternal love for your sweetheart and ask her to be yours forever by gifting this personalised LED cushion.
    • For personalisation, please provide us with 1 Image.
    Images of Bringing Good Luck Two Layer Bamboo Plant

    Bringing Good Luck Two Layer Bamboo Plant

    Product Details :
    • Plant Name - Two Layer Lucky Bamboo
    • Plant Placement - Indoors
    • Plant Height - Upto 5 inches
    • Square Glass Vase - 3 x 3 inches
    Images of Butterscotch Cake

    Butterscotch Cake

    Gift Content : Round shaped Butterscotch Cream Cake
    Usually bought as : Birthday Cake, Anniversary Cake, Cake for Office Parties, Surprise Gifts for Kids, Kids Birthday Cake

    Product Details:

    • Cake Flavour - Butterscotch
    • Type of Cake - Cream
    • Weight Options - Half Kg, 1 Kg, 1.5 Kg
    • Shape - Round
    • Servings (approx) - Half Kg cake serves 4 to 6 People, 1 Kg cake serves 10 to 12 people and 1.5 Kg cake serves 15 to 18 people
    • Size (approx) - Half Kg cake is 6 inches in Diameter, 1 Kg cake is 9 inches in Diameter and 1.5 Kg cake is 12 inches in Diameter
    • Candles & Knife Included

    Please Note:

    • - The cake stand, cutlery & accessories used in the image are only for representation purposes. They are not delivered with the cake.
    • - This cake is hand delivered in a good quality cardboard box.
    ₹699.00 ₹599.00
    Images of Adorable Pink Carnations Bouquet

    Adorable Pink Carnations Bouquet

    Product Details:

    • 15 Pink Carnations
    • Blue Packing Paper
    • Pink Ribbon
    • Green Fillers

    Flowers Trivia:

    • Carnations are the official flowers for Mother’s Day. They represent a mother’s pure love for her children.

    Please Note:

    • The Ribbon can be saved and used later for decorating gifts!
    • Green Fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability.
    ₹750.00 ₹650.00
    Images of Personalized Rotating Pen Holder

    Personalized Rotating Pen Holder

    Your Gift Contains:

    • Personalised Wooden Pen Holder - 3 x 3 x 4 inches
    Please Note: Send us your 4 high resolution image with order id at

    The multi-purpose desktop essential! A fine writing instrument needs a proper resting place and this exquisite wooden pen stand is a perfect fit. No office is complete without a personalised pen holder. This trendy gift featured with personalised photos is definite to keep your friends and business associate reminded always.

    Images of Black Forest Cake

    Black Forest Cake

    Product Details :
    • Cake Flavour - Black Forest
    • Type of Cake - Cream
    • Weight Options - Half Kg, 1 Kg, 1.5 Kg
    • Shape - Round
    • Candles & Knife Included
    ₹699.00 ₹549.00
    Images of Personalized Rotating Lamp Mini

    Personalized Rotating Lamp Mini

    Your Gift Contains:

    • 1 Acrylic Lamp (4" x 4" x 4")
    • 1 Rotating Kit in Black Acrylic (4" x 4" x 1.75" )

    This mini lamp is perfect gift for expressing your never ending love for your special someone! Memories of special moments, days, occasions etc. can be beautifully put on the lamp which rotates. Keep it in your living room or bedroom and always have those moments in front of your eyes. With a switch to control rotation, you can even keep it steady when desired.

    Please Note: Please send us your high-resolution 5 images 4 images for sides and 1 top with order number at

    Images of Premium Rocher Bouquet

    Premium Rocher Bouquet

    Your Gift Contains:

    • Bouquet of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates - 16 pcs. & Red Roses - 16,
    • Seasonal Fillers

    Thinking of a perfect and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? This bouquet of chocolates set amidst red roses is perfect to embrace the most loving relationship of your life.

    Images of Exotic Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant

    Exotic Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name - Ficus Ginseng Plant
    • Plant Type - Bonsai
    • Plant Placement - Outdoors
    • Plant Height - Upto 12 inches
    • Green Fiber Pot - 4.5 inches

    Ficus Ginseng Plant Trivia:

    • Ficus Ginseng is a species of evergreen woody plant in the fig genus, native to the Malay Archipelago and Malesia floristic region.
    • The word “ginseng” means root in Chinese, and is attributed because of the magnificent aerial root, but its very shiny dark green leaves are equally appealing.

    Please Note:

    • The pot can be reused for growing small house plants or for storing your small knick knacks.
    • Pot may vary as per availability.

    Valentine’s Day—The Day of Love

    Every year, the romantic at heart eagerly wait for 14th February to celebrate love. After all, it is Valentine’s Day! On this day, loved ones exchange flowers, chocolates, and other gifts with each other to show their love for one another. When gifts aren’t involved, it is usually celebrated by sending messages of love, affection, and admiration to not only partners but also family and friends. It is a rather special day celebrated all over the world, and often different countries have different ways of celebrating the day.

    How Did Valentine’s Day Come to Be: A Brief History

    Valentine’s Day makes the month of February the month of romance. However, do you know the story behind this ancient rite? The story and history of Valentine’s Day are quite a mystery. Legend has it that it is associated with, and gets its name from the patron saint, St. Valentine. It’s also believed that it contains traces of both Roman and Christian tradition. One of the legends of this special day dates back to third-century Rome, where Valentine served as a priest. During that time, Claudius II, the then emperor, outlawed young men from marrying stating that single men made better soldiers. Valentine, who found this decree to be unjustified, continued to help young lovers get married secretly. When Claudius found out about Valentine’s activities, he sentenced him to death. The story goes that February 14th was the day Valentine was martyred.

    Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World

    Everyone has a different way of declaring their love. While some express their love with bouquets of lovely flowers and some shower their loved ones with sweet goodies, such as chocolates, cakes, and candies, there are many places around the world that do it differently. What’s better than starting with the Valentine’s Day tradition in Paris, one of the most romantic places in the world? Although now banned, it was a popular Valentine’s Day tradition in Paris where women and men would gather in houses facing one another. They would then take turns to call out to one another to pair off. At the end of all the action, unmatched women would gather for a bonfire, during which they would burn pictures of men who they don’t like. This tradition got quite out of hand and the French government decided to ban it!

    There are many interesting ways in which many other cities and countries celebrate Valentine’s Day. While in Denmark, lovers exchange pressed white flowers instead of roses, in the Philippines, thousands of couples get married on February 14th, making it a day of mass wedding ceremonies. Whereas in South Africa, women wear their heart on their sleeve, well, not literally. They pin up the names of their love interest on the sleeves of their shirt, which is how some South African men come to know about their secret admirers!

    Valentine’s Day Greetings Come in Many Forms

    Valentine’s greetings have been popular since the Middle Ages. But it wasn’t until the 1400s that written greetings began to appear. The oldest known Valentine’s Day greeting that still exists is from 1415. It is a poem that Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote to his wife while he was held captive in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day gifts come in all shapes and sizes! From greeting cards and red roses to stuffed toys and champagne. People also opt for gift hampers or a combination of multiple gifts to surprise their lovers. Any gift given on this day is a gift of love.

    Valentine’s Day Is for Everyone to Celebrate

    Unlike popular belief that Valentine’s Day is only for couples to celebrate, even single men and women celebrate this day with great joy. They find creative ways to make the day special. And why not—the celebration has something for everyone, irrespective of their romantic status! After all, the celebration of love applies to loving oneself as well. Most people take this day to pamper themselves with treats or indulgences, such as a day at the spa or binge-watching their favourite show. Some people do fall in love on this day. How? They fall in love with something new to do, such as signing up for yoga class or learning how to cook. Or else they just throw a party to have a jolly good time with their friends.

    Find Perfect Gifts for Your Special Someone at Insity

    Whether you’re in a relationship, chasing love, or single, you’ll find a wide variety of gifts to choose for the special someone or yourself at Insity. If you love flowers, we have a wide array of choices for you, including red roses, pink roses, white roses, Asiatic lilies, carnation, orchids, and more. Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Our collection of chocolates will have you drooling. From the good old Cadbury chocolates to luxurious Ferrero Rocher and fine imported candies, we have it all. Our Valentine’s Day gifts collection for women and men also includes adorable teddy bears and other stuffed toys, key chains, cakes in a variety of flavours, combo gift hampers, beauty care hampers, personal care gifts, perfumes, and a whole lot more.

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