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Yellow colored carnations can be gifted to anyone and everyone as it is a friendly flower. From your mom to best friend, get this flower bouquet and make them happy.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 yellow carnations with lots of fillers in a blue paper packing and yellow ribbon.

₹619.00 ₹549.00

Your Gift Contains:

30 Pink Roses

Pink roses are considered the symbol of grace, elegance, and sweet love. The enticing beauty of this pink rose bunch is sure to win the heart of your beloved. Convey your love for your sweetheart by sending this lovely bunch as a Valentine gift and let her know how special she is for you.


Your Gift Contains:

7 Red Rose
8 Pink Rose

Red roses and pink roses are gathered to make a ravishing flower bunch and it is the perfect kind of gift for someone you admire, appreciate, and love dearly. You can send this ravishing floral bunch to your parents, lover, best friend, or any relative to commemorate any special festival or occasion.

All the charming and lovely flowers like Asiatic lilies, carnations, and roses are here with various color to show the perfection of love. Greet your loved ones with this bouquet and stay happy.

Gift Contents :
10 Pink Carnations, 5 Pink Roses, 2 White Asiatic Lilies, Two Layer Pink Paper Packing, Pink Ribbon


Your Gift Contains:

12 Red Rose

Did you just forget the birthday of your wife and now you couldn't think of ways to make up for that? How about a lovely present with this charming bunch of red roses. We know once she laid her eyes on these beauties, she couldn't stay mad at you for a long time.

How about brightening up someone's day with yellow carnations that are tied to form an exquisite looking bunch for any given occasion and can be delivered with a click of the mouse.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 12 Yellow Carnations in a yellow paper packing tied with yellow ribbon.

Manifest their innocence by presenting a bunch of pink roses with fillers and get it backed in a gorgeous packaging to make it the most perfect gift for the occasion.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 Baby Pink Roses with green fillers in pink paper packing and a pink ribbon row.

Be shameless to show your love to people because there is nothing better than love even when some people call you crazy. This mix colored bouquet is a perfect thing to show your unadulterated love.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 18 mixed colour roses with lots of fillers in a red paper packing with red ,pink,and yellow ribbon bow.

Various colors mean that you have an emotion made out of various layers of love. The person you love should also know that and this mix colored bouquet is a perfect way to let that person learn.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 12 mixed colour rose flowers with lots of fillers in a red paper packing with a mix color ribbon bow.

Pink roses are the ones that convey the values of appreciation and admiration for the one you are gifting. So, when you want to say your thanks to someone special, use this bouquet of flowers.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 25 Pink Roses in a pink paper packing and pink ribbon bow and lot of fillers.


Your Gift Contains:

15 Red Roses

There is perhaps no one in this big wide world who has not been touched by the beauty of roses. Many creations of artists, painters, or writers all around the world have somewhere spoken about the beauty of a rose because red roses are very special and strike the right chord with a romantic heart. So, show your romance with these flowers.

Pink carnations would show your deepest love for your darling. Wish her with this most special flower on any special occasion and make her feel special.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 15 Pink carnations in a blue paper packing with pink ribbon bow.


Nothing can express your feelings more than an exquisite gift of red roses. Make your special moments more special one when you gift your dear ones with this wonderful bunch of 200 red roses. Beautifully arranged in red paper packing and red knot, this spellbinding decorative bunch is the perfect pick to gift someone special.

Your Gift Contains:

200 Red Rose
Red roses know the perfect way of talking about love to the one in front of one you can hardly speak. This special bouquet of 30 red roses would be a great gift for your darling on any occasion.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 30 Red Roses in a red paper packing and red ribbon bow.


The classic symbol of love for years, carefully selected vibrant roses for your sweetheart. This bouquet includes 12 different bunches of 20 roses each in a glass vase. Total 240 bright coloured roses for your beloved. Almost the entire garden is brought inside your living room with this awesome bouquet. A classic selection of bouquets from Ferns N Petals.


Your Gift Contains:

10 Dark Pink Carnation

Please Note: Fillers may vary as per the season and local availability.

Red is the color of love, energy, strength, zest, and power. This color red has an attitude that radiates with confidence and beauty. Thus, a bunch of red carnations would be a perfect gift for someone who possess these qualities of red color.


Your Gift Contains:

6 Purple Orchids
Cellophane Packing
Pink Ribbon

There is something grand and unique about orchids that you can never find in other flowers. Considered elegant and royal, gift this lovely bouquet of purple orchids to the queen of your heart to show that your life is meaningless without her.

₹799.00 ₹699.00
Pink colored carnations can be given to sisters or best friends as you are very fond of them and never really say them how much you appreciate them. Don’t say a words and use these flowers to talk with that person.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 8 Pink Carnations with fillers in pink paper packing and pink ribbon


Your Gift Contains:

20 Pink Rose
20 White Rose

The calm and serene look of this pink and white rose's bunch is giving very peaceful and positive vibes. With its ethereal beauty, this bunch is sure to melt the heart of the recipient. Get it online for your sweetheart on the special occasion of the birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day.

Want to look for a bunch to create a lasting impression? There is absolutely nothing better than a bunch of yellow rose in a perfect glass vase arrangement to win their loved one's heart.

Gift Contents :
10 Yellow Rose, Glass Vase, Yellow Raffia


Product Details:

7 Pink Asiatic Lilies
Pink Packing Paper
Pink Raffia

Please Note:

Raffia can be saved and used later for decorating gifts!

Your Gift Contains:

25 Baby Pink Rose

Flowers have a unique quality to instantly lift up the spirit of the people and set the tone for the entire day. Put a lovely smile on your loved ones face with this pretty pink roses bunch. The fragrance of these beauties will keep you close to them in their thoughts.

Say it with flowers! Shop and send a bunch of red roses that is going to take the celebration to a different level and will make your loved one feel truly special. These flowers are freshly plucked from floral farms to make the arrangement even more appealing.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 30 Long Stem Red Roses with jute wrapping and red raffia.


Your Gift Contains:

15 Yellow Carnation

Yellow is a happy color of joy and friendship. For your best friend, you can order this simple yet elegant bunch of yellow carnations. If you find a best friend in your mom, dad, brother, husband, wife, etc. this flower bunch can be taken up for them also. So, acknowledge your best friend with this thrilling flower bunch.

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