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Gifts for Girlfriend

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Yellow means joy of heart and pleasure of life. Present this yellow Asiatic lilies to the one who is like a ray of hope in your life. It can be your mom, sister, best friend, or your lover.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 6 Yellow Asiatic Lilies in yellow paper packing and yellow ribbon

See the amazing combination of colors achieved in this bouquet and take a sigh of relief! The pure white color is mixing so well with the bright and sacred orange. Your love-heart would also be astonished with the view of these blooms.

Gift Contents :
One Sided Bunch of 6 white asiatic lilies, 3 orange BOPs with white fillers in white paper packing and orange ribbon

Want to capture different moods of the heart? Gift this beautiful bunch of white asiatic lilies, red carnations and even pink roses. This bunch will make great gift for loversand an be delivered at ease.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 2 White Asiatic Lilies, 5 Red Carnations and 5 Pink Roses in a two layer red and pink colour paper packing with pink ribbon bow.

Meeting someone you adore after a very long time. Take along a bunch of oriental lilies which comes neatly packed and tied with a raffia to enhance the beauty of the arrangement.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 6 oriental pink lilies with lots of fillers tied in paper packing and pink raffia knot.

Love must be expressed well otherwise all your life you may regret for not saying enough. Here is a bouquet of lilies and roses that would be your perfect companion in expression of love.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 8 roses (4 red, 4 yellow), 6 asiatic lilies (4 yellow, 2 red) with white fillers in yellow paper packing and yellow ribbon

Orchid is a beautiful flower and the prettiest face in your life deserves this bouquet form you. It can be your mom, sister or girlfriend to whom you want to give something special and this bouquet would be a lovely idea.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 6 Purple orchids in a pink packing paper with pink ribbon bow.

Looking for a standout bunch of flowers? Don't worry, you can't go wrong with these pink carnation packaging that is a perfect fit for any occasion and at the same time will make a great gift for the occasion.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 Pink carnations in a pink paper packaging with pink ribbon bow

Pink is the new sensation everywhere after the recently released movie of the same name. Wish all your friends, family, and relatives on any special occasion with a bunch of these pink roses and stay cool.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 12 baby pink roses in Pink packing paper

₹669.00 ₹599.00
Surprise your loved ones with an exotic bunch of velvety red roses that comes neatly wrapped in a paper packing making it an ultimate delight for the one you truly love. These flowers have been freshly plucked and delivered on time.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 20 Red roses in red paper packing with Red and white ribbon bow.

A perfect bunch with robust color of pink orchids will surely make a perfect present for anyone whom you love. This can be a perfect present for someone to make their heart race.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 6 purple orchids in a pink paper packaging with pink ribbon bow.

Bright and perky yellow colors of roses are packed in a red paper and you can present this one to your sweetheart on any special date that you would be going.

Gift Contents :
10 Yellow Rose, Red Paper Packing, Blue Ribbon

The Valentine’s Day Chocolate Premium Gift Pack with Dairy Milk Silk is the perfect surprise for your beloved who deserves nothing but the best. This exclusive gift pack comprises of five dainty Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk flavours that none can refuse. The Chocolate, Caramel, Fruit and Nut, Roasted Almond and Bubbly flavours express the sweetness, richness, naughtiness, peppiness and liveliness of your beautiful relationship respectively. Packed with care in a copper colour gift box with ribbon this premium gift pack is created to win hearts.

Gift Content:
1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Caramello Large (136 gm) - 1 Nos.
2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Fruit and Nut Large (137 gm) - 1 Nos.
3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Bubbly Large (120 gm) - 1 Nos.
4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Roast Almond Large (145 gm) - 1 Nos.
5. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Large (150 gm) - 1 Nos.
6. Outer Gift Box - 1 Nos.


There are few gifts that will delight your girlfriend more than chocolate. Chocolate is considered one of the top ten best gifts for girlfriends. Is it Valentine’s Day? Gift our girlfriend chocolates to eloquently say “I love you”. Has it been a year or two since you’ve been with her? Gift your girl chocolates, to make the occasion sweeter. Has she been feeling low this week? Gift her chocolates to boost her mood. Is it Diwali? Gift her chocolates to share with her family. Or, do you just want to see her smile? Gift her chocolates.

Insity has the perfect chocolate gift packs and hampers for your girlfriend, in pretty packaging, and some times with an expressive card or an elegant coffee mug as an add on. You can have it delivered to her at the click of a button without breaking a sweat.

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