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    Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Plant in Recycled Plastic Pot

    निर्माता: INSITY

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name - Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Plant
    • Plant Type - Bonsai
    • Plant Placement - Outdoor
    • Plant Height - Upto 20 inches
    • Blue Recycled Plastic Pot
    • Pot Dimensions (L x B x H)- 7 x 7 x 5.3 inches
    • This pot is made out of recycled plastic and is environmental friendly.

    Ficus Plants Trivia:

    • Origin- Ficus Microcarpa, also known as Chinese banyan, Malayan banyan, Indian laurel, and curtain fig is native in a range from China through Asia and the Caroline Islands to Australia.
    • Ficus Microcarpa is cooling, astringent, and anti-bilious used in preparation of oils and ointments for external application in the treatment of ulcers.

    Please Note:

    • The pot can be reused as a decorative item or for storing your small knick knacks.
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