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    Syngonium Plant in Earthy Brown Coir Pot

    निर्माता: INSITY

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name - Syngonium Dark Green Plant
    • Plant Type - Foliage
    • Plant Placement - Indoor & Outdoor
    • Plant Height - Upto 8 inches
    • Earthy Brown Coir Pot Medium
    • Pot Dimensions (L x B x H)- 5.4 x 5.4 x 4 inches
    • This pot is made out of bio-degradable coconut husk which is also known as coir.
    • The main USP of this pot is that it does not heat up much therefore requires less water.
    • This husk pot has the perfect finish and looks classy & elegant.
    • Over a course of approximately 2 years time, the pot dissolves as it is bio-degradable. The plant can be put into a bigger pot when that happens.

    Syngonium Plants Trivia:

    • Origin- This plant is native to South America.
    • It is also known as the Arrow Head Plant owing to its interesting arrow shaped leaves.
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