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Mixed Flowers

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Product Details:

12 Dark Pink Roses
2 White Asiatic Lilies
5 Green Button Mums
6 White Carnations
1 Birthday Flag
1 Square Glass Vase 4 x 6 inches
h4>Please Note:You can reuse the vase once the flowers wither away. It can be used as a desk pen holder or to store your knick knacks.
This Arrangement is made using Oasis foam that stores water in it and keeps your arrangement fresh for a longer time.

Your Gift Contains:

7 Red Rose
8 Pink Rose

Red roses and pink roses are gathered to make a ravishing flower bunch and it is the perfect kind of gift for someone you admire, appreciate, and love dearly. You can send this ravishing floral bunch to your parents, lover, best friend, or any relative to commemorate any special festival or occasion.

All the charming and lovely flowers like Asiatic lilies, carnations, and roses are here with various color to show the perfection of love. Greet your loved ones with this bouquet and stay happy.

Gift Contents :
10 Pink Carnations, 5 Pink Roses, 2 White Asiatic Lilies, Two Layer Pink Paper Packing, Pink Ribbon

Be shameless to show your love to people because there is nothing better than love even when some people call you crazy. This mix colored bouquet is a perfect thing to show your unadulterated love.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 18 mixed colour roses with lots of fillers in a red paper packing with red ,pink,and yellow ribbon bow.

Various colors mean that you have an emotion made out of various layers of love. The person you love should also know that and this mix colored bouquet is a perfect way to let that person learn.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 12 mixed colour rose flowers with lots of fillers in a red paper packing with a mix color ribbon bow.

Want to capture different moods of the heart? Gift this beautiful bunch of white asiatic lilies, red carnations and even pink roses. This bunch will make great gift for loversand an be delivered at ease.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 2 White Asiatic Lilies, 5 Red Carnations and 5 Pink Roses in a two layer red and pink colour paper packing with pink ribbon bow.

Love must be expressed well otherwise all your life you may regret for not saying enough. Here is a bouquet of lilies and roses that would be your perfect companion in expression of love.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 8 roses (4 red, 4 yellow), 6 asiatic lilies (4 yellow, 2 red) with white fillers in yellow paper packing and yellow ribbon

Purple orchids and pink lilies are combined to give you a great gifting option in this upcoming festive season. Take this bouquet and make your loved ones happier.

Gift Contents :
Bunch of 10 Purple Orchids with 2 pink lilies in a paper packing & ribbon bow.


Product Details:

2 Red Roses
2 Yellow Roses
2 Pink Roses
2 White Roses
Red Packing Paper
Yellow Ribbon
Green Fillers

Please Note:

The Ribbon can be saved and used later for decorating gifts!
Green Fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability.

Product Details:

5 Red Roses
3 White Roses
2 Yellow Roses
2 Pink Roses
Green Fillers
Blue Packing Paper
Red & Yellow Ribbon

Please Note:

The Ribbons can be saved and used later for decorating gifts!
Green Fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability.

Your Gift Contains:

25 Red Rose
7 Green Button Mum

This mixed flowers bunch is an epitome of beauty, grace, and love. Give it to someone special who makes you believe in the power of love and beauty. You can also buy it online to send to your friends or family members on the special occasion of their birthday, wedding or anniversary.


Your Gift Contains:

Bouquet of 4 Red Roses
4 Yellow Roses
4 Yellow Asiatic Lilies
2 Red Asiatic Lilies
2 White Asiatic Lilies
Seasonal Filler

This is a classic piece of arrangement of many flowers in just one bouquet. In this bunch you will get 8 yellow and red roses (4 each), 6 asiatic lilies (4 yellow and 2 red) with seasonal filler packed in a yellow paper and tied up with a yellow ribbon. Send this bouquet to someone special for expressing your feelings.

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