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Gift Plants Online for All Occasions

Plants offer nature's abundance of relaxation and beauty. They symbolize happiness, prosperity, wealth, and long life in many cultures across the world. In the traditions of the Far East, plants are used to absorb all the negativity in the environment and spread positivity around them.

Plants of all shapes and sizes are thoughtful and meaningful gifting items on special occasions like housewarming, Friendship Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, and more. We have an extensive range of lush, green, and lively gifting plants that demonstrate to the recipient that you really care for their wellbeing.

These plants are an asset to the ecological system of the recipient's house and are based on the noblest idea of giving life and receiving great health benefits in the process. The gamut of gift plants online includes green plants, flowering plants, Orchids, Bamboo plants, cute Bonsai trees, indoor and office plants,

Gift Indoor and Outdoor Plants Online – The Best Way to Enhance a Space

You can now choose from our beautiful range of indoor and outdoor plants online for those memorable occasions. These plants naturally decorate the space and create an eclectic vibe when you have visitors come in. The energy levels are boosted around you while the ecological balance is maintained.

The vibrant color and the fresh fragrance of plants like the potted peace lily, delightful Hibiscus, Dianthus Pink plant, and many others evoke a sense of goodness and wellness. The mini Bonsai plants add to the elegance of your décor while relieving stress as you tend to them. These plants also have the added benefit of relieving you from cold, cough, and fatigue. Similarly, outdoor plants give you a great sense of accomplishment and inner peace as they interact with the environment and the avifauna to elevate your senses.

Bamboo Plants Bring Strength and Good Luck

Often gifted for good luck and best wishes, the bamboo plants are extraordinary in their positivity influence and easy to maintain. Many Feng Shui enthusiasts consider indoor bamboo plants to ward away bad luck and ominous energies. Their natural brightening ability is enough to light up compact spaces at home and at the office.

They are the most loved plants online because of their cuteness and charm. A care tip would be to water them regularly in order for them to flourish while staying lively and fresh. Bamboo plants offer creative elegance and remind us of pure joy in the simplest things in life. So, surprise someone at work or a friend who is down with these magnificent mini gift plants today and make their day!

Gifting Multifaceted Money Plants

Money plants are the traditional indoor plants that are known for the aesthetic value and the prosperity that they bring to a recipient's home. Mostly grown in tropical environments, this gift plant has many other names like Pothos, Devil's Ivy, Silver Vine, etc. Feng Shui and Vastu experts often recommend growing money plants indoors as they bring in more wealth to the home. Money plant is believed to have reduced wealth problems, stress, arguments, and sleeping disorders among people. The heart-shaped leaves of the plant are very heart-warming. On a scientific note, this plant helps in making your home cooler and well-aerated with more oxygen flow. Our beautiful money plants online are perfect for gifting during birthdays, housewarmings, farewells, etc.

Soulful Plants Combos for Gifting

At Insity we love helping you make someone's day super special with our specially-curated range of plants combos. For birthdays and anniversaries, we have our truffle cake and lucky bamboo combo that is fast-moving. Our stylish flowering plant combos are duos that are in the perfect pre-bloom stages to make the recipient fall in love with them.

The super cute Terrarium and Teddy combo is a good way of sweeping your lady love off her feet and melting her heart. We also offer amazing receptacles and pots that hold these lovely plants gracefully. Our other assorted combos include plants and gift-packed nuts, plants and miniature idols, plants with special notes, plants and pillows, plants and refreshing hampers, plants with scented candles and sweet boxes, and many others that have been creatively combined to help you flaunt your great gifting ideas.

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Bamboo PlantsIndoor PlantsPotted Plant
Money PlantsOutdoor PlantsTerrarium Plants
Ficus PlantsPlants Combo
Bonsai Plants

Treat your Loved-ones with Green Gifts

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your family & friends then look no further. Plants by Insity make the best gift. Delight your loved-ones with green & eco-friendly gifts. Getting closer to nature made easy by Insity and with the best to offer. Discover the best of plants as gifts on our website. We offer you a wide range of plants and also certain other things that are related to green gifting. Join our initiative of green gifting. Our collection comprises of varieties of lucky bamboo, Bonsai, Money Plant, Jade Terrariums, Cacti and etc. With a collection of over 500 different plants on our website we give you a plethora of options to choose from. You can get houseplants, plants for your patio/balcony, office desks, gardening kits and interestingly you may also find quirky & unique planters as well. From 25 years old Bonsai technique plant to fertilizing seeds you’ll be delighted to browse through our collection. Take a sneak-peek and get green gifting now.

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