Portronics Pure Sound POR 102 Portable Speaker (Black)

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Portability and Quality in a Single Package

If you are a music buff and are looking out for a portable music speaker that can provide superior quality sound output, look no further! The Portronics Por 102 is the right gadget that offers outstanding sound quality and extreme portability together. This speaker is so small and portable that carrying it is a breeze and it fits easily in your pockets or shoulder sling bags. Built-in Japanese drivers in the speakers give you clear and excellent sound with an impressive output. These speakers are a perfect package for any music lover and a low price tag adds to the appeal.

Unique Features :

- Pure Sound is its compact size, absolutely light weight and extremely powerful in output
- It is an ultra portable device fitting comfortably in your hand
- It is very versatile with connectivity options including USB Drive Aux-in, Micro SD card and in-built FM
- Japanese drivers provide crystal clear sound quality
- Wireless FM with in built antenna to provide you music on the go
- The rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the music going strong for upto 8 hours
- Original Product with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Product description

Portronics Pure Sound

The search of music buffs looking for all in one sound system ends here with Pure Sound. The shocking size and rocking sound quality of the sound system will surely entice the music buffs who love to enjoy music in compact sized sound system. Pure Sound is not only elegant and attractive in looks, but also delivers superior quality sound. This portable sound system features world class dual speakers, in-built FM and music player. So, music lovers will certainly appreciate it because of its features and compact size that allows them to carry anywhere they desire with ease. Japanese drivers are used while designing this portable system that deliver crystal clear sound. It is compatible with MP3 players, Laptops, Micro SD cards, mobiles etc. It can be carried in laptop bags and in pocket.

Versatility and Stylish Design

The Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker POR 102 scores high on versatility and compatibility. This speaker has a stylish and elegant design and looks impressive when kept in your room or desk. Designed to be extremely versatile, this portable sound system plays music from external sources and also has an integrated FM radio as added functionality. The compatibility of this portable sound system is exceptional and it can be connected to any mobile, tablets, laptop/PCs and MP3 players via an aux cord. These Portronics speakers also feature USB connectivity and memory slots that can accommodate micro SD cards.
Type: Multimedia speakers
Channel Configuration: Two channels
Total Power Output: 2 W
Frequency Response: 87.5MHz to 108MHz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Additional Features: Memory Card Support up to 32 GB, Built in Media Player
Battery: 1080 mAh Lithium-ion battery with 8 hours battery life

Portronics Pure Sound POR-102 2.0 Portable Speaker System Effective on-the-go music system

Enjoy enhanced sound quality and listen to your favourite sound tracks with the Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker System. This portable speaker is equipped with Japanese drivers that deliver pure and clear sound. Moreover, it comes with effective connectivity features that allow you to connect various external devices. These speakers are made from high quality material that have a capacity to withstand robust use. Hence, you are assured of its durability. Its compact size makes it portable. Thus, you can carry this device anywhere you want.

Japanese drivers and 2W speakers

The 2W speakers of this device are capable of producing loud and effective sound. To enhance the audio clarity, this device is armed with Japanese drivers which deliver precise sound so that you enjoy every sound bit with detailing and never miss out on anything. These drivers do not create any vibrations or disturbances while producing music. Hence, the sound is soothing to your ears. The Impedance of 4 ohms is very effective for getting the best out of all your sound tracks. This device comes with an easy to use controlling system that enables comfortable operations. It has Volume up/down key with previous/next and play/pause option.

Portable and easy connectivity

The product dimensions of 24.1 x 11.2 x 5.6 cm and weight of 358 grams make this Portronics Portable Speaker System easy to carry. Hence, you have the freedom to enjoy better sound experience on the go. Its compact size enables it to be accommodated easily. This device comes with various connectivity options. You can connect this speaker system to your mobile, laptop or computer using the USB chord. Moreover, the SD card slot allows you to connect memory cards up to 32 GB.

Wireless FM with in-built antenna and better battery backup

The Portronics Pure Sound Portable Speaker System is equipped with a wireless FM feature that allows you to listen to your favourite radio station. The in-built antenna of this device provides better signal quality. Hence, it offers better and clearer sound. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery of this music system gives you more battery life. Thus, you can enjoy music for an extended time. This battery provides up to 8 hours of usage.

Techincal Specification:

Model : Pure Sound
Weight : 195g
Impedance : 4 Ω
Color : Black
Voltage : DC 5V
Product Size : 202 X 59 X 30 mm
Function : AUX In, FM, USB
Battery : 7-8 hrs,
Product Code : POR 102
Output : 2W

Sound Strength, Bass & Quality

Made in an optimised acoustic enclosure, Pure Sound delivers surprisingly loud and impactful audio with its efficient full range drivers.

Portronics Pure Sound - Sound Strength, Bass & Quality

Compact Size

The most striking feature of Pure Sound is its compact size, absolutely light weight yet extremely powerful in output. It is an ultra portable device fitting comfortably in your hand.

Portronics Pure Sound - Compact Size

Multiple Connectivity

Pure Sound stands apart from all others with the multi-functionality it offers. It is very versatile with connectivity options including USB Drive , Aux-in, Micro SD card and in-built FM.

Portronics Pure Sound - Multiple Connectivity

High Quality Performance

Users just need to connect his/her device via AUX cable with Portronics Pure Sound to experience the high quality music anywhere on the go. Japanese drivers provide crystal clear sound quality.

Portronics Pure Sound - High Quality Performance

In-Built FM

Wireless FM with in built antenna to provide you music on the go.

Portronics Pure Sound - In-Built FM

Long Battery Life

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the music going strong for upto 8 hours. The system supports BL 5C 1000mAh removable battery that gives you a flexibility to change batteries whenever.

Portronics Pure Sound - Long Battery Life

Function keys


Portronics Pure Sound - Function keys

Packaging & Contents


Portronics Pure Sound - Packaging & Contents
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