Valentine Chocolate Hamper

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Banjem Chocolates and Personalized Message Bottle with Love Card
₹ 349.00
Valentines Day Special Home Made Chocolate Box
₹ 599.00
This box with some of our delicious classic truffles, an assortment of Almond,Nougat Crisp, Orange duet,Butterscotch, Fruit'n'nut. Add a gift message
₹ 414.00
Vochelle and Heart Shape Chocolate Message of Love Combo
₹ 849.00
Chocolaty Roses Bouquet For Valentines Day
₹ 499.00
A dark couverture slab created just for you, create your message and we will put it on the chocolate. So Get Creative and pour your heart out!!! Packed in an elegant gift box. Net Wt : 200 gm
₹ 897.00
Vochelle Almonds and Wimmy Chocolate Heart Shape Combo
₹ 899.00
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates with Love Gold Plated Rose Hamper
₹ 1,349.00
Put your feelings on record, a dark chocolate record, packed in an elegant gift box. Net wt : 160 gm
₹ 575.00
Lovely Lips Shape Chocolate and Pringles Chips Combo
₹ 649.00
Yummy Marshmallow Love Message Gift
₹ 299.00
Sapphier Hazelnuts Milk Chocolates with Love Roses
₹ 649.00
Valentine Special Lindt Chocolate and Pringles Chips Combo
₹ 1,299.00
Love Couple Teddy and Chocolate Love Combo
₹ 799.00
Sizmic Bite Strawberry and Wimmy Heart Shape Chocolate Combo
₹ 399.00
This cute romantic glass platter is filled with our Classic Heart shaped truffles in flavours like heavenly milk and bitter sweet dark and makes a perfect romantic gift. The glass platter can be used for serving snacks . Net wt : 72 gm
₹ 633.00
Valentine Love Celebration Combo
₹ 449.00
Gillette Grooming Kit with Heart Chocolates for Valentines Day
₹ 2,049.00
Chocolate Roses & a Teddy bear. This is truly very romantic and tastes so good too. The lingering taste of our milk, dark and white chocolate roses and a teddy bear for memories, makes for a very meaningful gift
₹ 1,035.00
This hamper is a perfect gift for your loved one's in Valentines day, filled with the best from our Classic range, one pouch with 100 gm heart shape chocolates, and our romantic I love you chocolate box and a whole lot of assorted heart shaped chocolates ,6 pcs Almond logs and 200gm lollipops. Flavours include Pure Truffle, Coffee Truffle, Fruit n nut, Orange duet, Nougat Crisp, Heavenly Milk, Bittersweet dark. A cute Teddy Bear adds a lovely touch. Chocolate wt : 550 gm. Lollipops wt: 200 gm. Net wt : 750 gm
₹ 2,321.00
This box with some of our delicious heart shaped Classic truffles, an assortment of Almond,Nougat Crisp, Orange sensation ,Butterscotch, Fruit'n'nut,
₹ 288.00
Valentines Day Special Chocolate and Good luck Bamboo Plant Combo
₹ 599.00
This elegant box has a beautiful chocolate with I love you and delicious Classic truffles in flavours like orange duet, almond, heavenly milk, fruit n nut ,bittersweet dark. The glass platter can be used for serving snacks. Net wt : 160 gm
₹ 1,058.00
Put your feelings into a chocolate, created in our dark chocolate, packed in an elegant gift box . Don't for get to add a message. Net wt : 120 gm
₹ 414.00